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[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Optimizer Pro [LEGIT LICENSE]

Keyword Optimizer Pro is an unique software designed to uncover profitable niche keywords in seconds

Is easy to install and easy to manipulate. You just enter the keyword, choose a browser (Google, Yahoo or Bing) and your desired answer will come right away.

Keyword Optimizer Pro is free powerful keyword research software designed to quickly generate large lists of targeted keywords for online marketing.

This software runs on Adobe AIR, so you can install this on a Windows computer as well as a Mac computer.

[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Optimizer Pro [LEGIT LICENSE]

This keyword tool uses a new method for determining the importance or "profitability" of the generated keywords. This powerful keyword software extracts "suggest" keywords from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and then calculates an "Optimized Keyword Rank" (OKR) based on keyword position and search engine market share.

This keyword research software can also generate the number of competing results from Google making it easy to spot profitable niche markets in seconds. Keywords can be saved in a plain text file (.txt) or a comma delimited file (.csv).

You also get free access to help videos revealing many ways to using keyword research for making money online. This unique keyword research software is one-of-a-kind and 100% free.

[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Optimizer Pro [LEGIT LICENSE]

[GIVEAWAY] Keyword Optimizer Pro [LEGIT LICENSE]


  1. Please send me this product:

  2. Oh, YES, YES SEO SEO,


  3. Why you guys leave email, just direct download and click on license

  4. Hi Dave, I cannot open most of the software. When I download and try to unzip, I get an .exe file and nothing more. I cannot open the .exe files. What am I doing wrong?


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